New Year, New Name!

Introducing: Stangel BISON Ranch!

As some of you may have noticed, we changed our name from Stangel BUFFALO Ranch to Stangel BISON Ranch. Although the term "buffalo" is an accepted and recognized "nickname" for bison, we decided that we were going to begin referring to our animals by their scientifically correct name for two main reasons:

1. Bison is the term that people and companies in the food industry use and it is important to us to stay properly aligned with them.

2. Bison and Buffalo (Cape & Water) are completely different animals and we think it is important for people to begin to make that distinction.

Slowly but surely we will be making this change to all of our online accounts, merchandise, and signs around town (this one may take a little time). Thank you for understanding our new change and recognizing that although we have a new name, the same people and great product are still behind it!

Below is a link to an interesting article that discusses the different between Bison and Buffalo.

Bison vs. Buffalo