Photo taken by Robert Dawson

Bison Skulls and Robes

Although our main focus is providing our customer with delicious high quality meat products, we feel that it is important to use every piece of the animal that we can. Below are several other products that we sell. These items are subject to availability, meaning that unfortunately they are not always in-stock. If these items are not in stock, we usually have some in the works of being processed. So, if that is the case please be patient with us. If you are interested in a skull or hide, please contact us and we will let you know have we have available.



Prices for skulls range from $100-$500 depending on the size and condition.

We have some skulls that have minor defects (bullet holes, cracks, broken eye sockets, missing nose pieces...). Although these skulls may have some unique characteristics, those do not detract from the beauty and appeal of these pieces.


Robes (hides)

Robes are processed hides with winter hair on, not something you wear over your pajamas. All of our robes are processed through Moyle Mink & Tannery in Heyburn, Idaho, who do an amazing job.

Prices are dependent on type (small or larger) and the square footage of the hide.

Small Robes (44 square feet and smaller): $22.00 a square foot

Large Robes  (larger than 44 square feet): $21.00 a square foot

Raw hide available, prices vary.