Photo taken by Naomi Alldredge

Locally grown, locally harvested, and locally processed.

Harvesting and Processing

Photo taken by Robert Dawson

Photo taken by Robert Dawson

All of our custom order animals are born, raised, and harvested on our ranch in the beautiful Wallowa Valley. Through out their lives, the bison enjoy time between our pastures that are located on "the slope" and in "the hills"(see pictures below). When animals have reached the age for the highest quality product, the harvesting process begins. For our locally sold products and custom orders, a local professional mobile slaughter service comes to our ranch where the animals are quickly and humanely killed and cleaned. Once that process is complete they are transported approximately 17 miles to Valley Meat Services, a local custom-exempt plant.

We take pride in the fact that our custom animals complete their life cycle on the ranch and are then processed locally by people that we have known and done business with for years. It is truly amazing that in such a small area we have the opportunity to work with people that are so talented in their field and help us deliver the highest quality of product possible to our customers. 

We sell our animals "on hoof" or as live animals. This means that the customer buys their animal, or their portion of the animal (quarter or half) live, and the pricing of the animal is determined upon the hanging weight (before cutting, after the removal of the hide, head, legs, and entrails) of the animal. Please see our Meat Price List page for information on our grass fed meat products and pricing.

Buffalo bull located on "the Slope" of the Stangel Buffalo Ranch. One of the several irrigated pasture locations that feed the 100% grass fed/finished animals on our ranch.

"The Slope"

This area of the ranch is located at the base of the Wallowa Mountains, right under Ruby Peak. This area provides the bison with lush green grass throughout the spring, summer, and early fall. In addition, much of the hay that the animals are fed throughout the winter is grown on this area of the ranch. 

One of our herds comprised of our older animals. Animals pictured are in one of the dry land pastures on the ranch. These pastures give the buffalo a large amount of area to graze and roam around.

"The Hills"

This area of the ranch is located along Highway 3 (highway headed North from Enterprise, Oregon to Lewiston, Idaho). This area provides the bison dry land grass and ample space to roam.