Bob Stangel. Stangel Ranch owner/operator. 1st generation Stangel Buffalo Ranch.

Bob Stangel

Bob has farming and ranching in his blood. Born into a cattle and grain raising family, he grew up working on the family ranch. Once completing college Bob came home to run the ranch, and as mentioned in Our Story, began transitioning from cattle to bison in 1979. In addition to bison ranching, Bob raises various crops (depending on the year), which typically includes hay production for the bison.

Marta Stangel

Marta, Bob's youngest daughter, is currently attending Eastern Oregon University (EOU) where she is minoring in Business and completing a degree with a major in Crop and Soil Sciences and Animal Science minor through Oregon State's Agricultural Science and Natural Resources Program at EOU. She works full time for the ranch during the summer and part time throughout the school year. After graduation she will return home, work for the ranch full time, and plans to eventually run the ranch. 

Marta Stangel. Stangel Buffalo Ranch Employee. 2nd generation Stangel Buffalo Ranch.

Theresa Stangel. Stangel Buffalo Ranch Employee. 2nd generation Stangel Buffalo Ranch.


Theresa, Bob's oldest daughter, recently returned home after teaching for several years in Texas. She manages all of the ranch's online and social media accounts, marketing, meat sales, and fills in on the ranch when needed. 

Dewayne Schwendiman 

Dewayne has been a valued full time employee for the ranch since 1994. Stangel Bison Ranch definitely would not be where it is today without Dewayne's broad range of knowledge of farming/ranching, and his hard work and dedication. We are incredibly thankful that we have had Dewayne as part of the ranch family for over 20 years. In addition to his service, Dewayne's wife, Sandy, is always willing to help out during busy times throughout the year. 

Dewayne Schwendiman. Long time Stangel Buffalo Ranch employee.

Stangel Family. 3 generations.

Although not every member of the family is involved in the day to day activities and work on the ranch, we are incredibly thankful that everyone is willing to help out when and where ever needed if the occasion arises. We are very proud to be able to call this a family ranch!