Grass Fed Bison Meat Options

We provide several options for our customers to purchase meat. If you are in the local area and interested in a smaller amount of meat, or looking for a great meal, you can find our product locations here. In addition, we offer bulk orders (quarter, half & whole).

Below is our retail and bulk order price lists. Please note, that although the total price on bulk orders seems to be high, when comparing the price per pound of the bulk to the retail cuts, you will see that there are significant savings. You are paying $6.00 or $6.50 a pound compared to $9.60-$20.40 a pound, depending on the cut. 

Grass Fed Bison Meat Prices & Available cuts 

All cuts are subject to availability, meaning that sometimes we are out of different cuts, but if you can be patient with us, we can give you a time we can be expecting to restock or put your requested cut on an upcoming cutting order. 

*Available at retail locations*. If you are interested in any of the cuts that are not available at our retail locations, please contact us!

Cut Price Per lb.
*Ground Burger* $9.60
*Ribeye Steak* $17.35
*New York Strip Steak* $17.35
*Tenderloin Steak* $20.40
Tenderloin Roast $18.36
*Top Sirloin Steak* $15.80
Top Sirloin Roast $14.30
Round Roast $13.25
Stew Meat $14.30
Tri Tip $14.80
Flat Iron $14.30
Chuckeye Steak $14.30
Chuckeye Roast $13.25
Brisket $12.00
Short Ribs $10.50
Prime Rib $17.35
Soup Bones/Osso Bucco $10.50
Knuckle & Marrow Bones $3.50
Oxtail $3.00
Heart $5.00
Tongue $6.00
Liver $4.00
Bulk Orders
Quarter $6.50 ($7.34 w/ cut & wrap)
Half & Whole $6.00 ($6.79 w/ cut & wrap)